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Subject: What are the best ignition mods?

Posted by Walt Barie on September 11, 1997 at 22:36:01:

In Reply to: What type/kind ignition set up do you have? posted by Gregory Szczyrbak on September 09, 1997 at 20:05:14:

: I was wondering if anyone has an other than stock ignition set up. Mine is stock. I've heard good things about Jacobs, etc... Has anyone done anything different. Better coil, distributor etc.....

: Thanks

I've done alot of research regarding ign systems mainly for my 320i autocross car.
What I have found is that the stock Bosch electronic system is pretty good already however
you may be able to squeak out a tenth or so in 0-60 times with an aftermarket system.
The main thing that I have found is to make sure that your plug wires are in good shape.
I've had ign problems that were eventually traced to plug wires. I only recommend Bosch
or Beru wires unless you go with something like a good quality 8mm wire. My other suggestion is
don't ever use Bosch Platinum plugs. I've had 2 go bad through out the years when I was using them.
I've never had another type of plug ever go bad. I also had a coil go bad on my 528i a few years ago.
The symptom was a misfire above 5000rpm and a lumpier idle than usual. After changing the plugs, wires
cap, and rotor I changed the coil and it fixed the problem. I had a Jacobs system on the
system on my 528i for 2 years and could not tell much of a differences in performance but it
may of smoothed the typical 528i lumpy idle out a little. Now I will say that when I put the Jacobs
system on my '79 320i (with points) it made a very measurable difference when I did 30-70mph timed runs. In general, IMHO if you have a stock engine in decent shape with the FI working properly and your
stock ign system is in good shape then an aftermarket ign will make only a
very small difference but it can't hurt.

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