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From digest.v7.n688 Mon Dec 1 22:43:04 1997
From: BMWGordon <>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 19:02:58 EST
Subject: Re: <E12> Fuel Leak

Ian Solomon wrote:

>>>Good morning experts,
I filled my 528i with fuel on Friday night as usual. When I got home and parked it in the garage, I noticed a slight fuel smell, but discounted it a a spillage. Saturday morning dawned and when I opened the garage, I was nearly knocked over by the fumes.
I noticed some stains on the floor under the tank, so climbed underneath to have a look. The large diameter fuel line from the tank to the fuel filter was soaked with fuel and dripping, but it looked like the wetness was coming from further up the line towards the tank. The drip wasn't too bad so I drove the car to a couple of shops to get help but both were closed, so I bought some fuel line to replace it myself. When I got it home, I jacked it up, removed the rear wheel for access, and lo and behold, no leak. What gives? I ran the motor for a while to see if that made it leak but no dice.
Any ideas. It's early summer here if that makes a difference.

Ian Solomon <<<


My E12 has occasionally had a similar leak, and I believe it is fuel sloshing out through a bad connection from the filler neck to the tank itself. Alternately, the large diameter hose that runs from (or to) the tank is leaking. To remedy either of these situations, I've found it necessary to drop the tank. What ever you do, work on this outside. Look for leaks while the car is idling.

I also usually experience diffucluty starting the engine when fuel system leaks are present. The frequency of these problems has led me to replacement of the fuel lines with the annual fuel filter change.

John Cox (

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