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Date: Tue, 17 Oct 95 09:26:31 PST
Subject: Various Comments: '02 wheels, E12 speedos, etc.

chris wrote regarding 2002 IT wheels:
> Is there a maximum with for I.T. Racing?
As Richard Welty mentioned a couple of days ago, there is not limit to width in IT, just diameter: 13" for 2002's.

> Is this a good deal.
Yes. If you don't wnat them, I do :)

And tdc responded to our newbie with a 530i: > I can help with some of your questions. You have to replace the
> speedometer assembly to fix a broken odometer, and you can find used
Not necessarily true. My '79 528i's odometer didn't work either and my solution is the same as what Bob A. wrote:

>...Assuming your speedometer still works, it is likely that your
>non-functioning odometer is caused by a split drive gear within the
>speedometer assembly.

Replacing it fixed the problem (I fashioned a metal "support: using a washer to repair one of mine -- I have two speedometer assmeblies).

> You will need to hunt around a bit to find a 5-speed.
I believe Carl Nelson at La Jolla Independent has a couple.

> Someone just listed one for less than $1000 (with a noisy
> transmission);
Twas me. My car is a '79 so it's a 4-speed. But otherwise the car is wonderful -- just little nit-picky problems. Definitely worth the parts, but more likely as a daily driver. No rust.

And Eric Tangen wrote among other interesting things: > Do all this and you'll still have a 530i, but it will be reliable
> It also still has amazingly low emissions even after all this work
> and it will pass state inspection easily.
Except for California where a smart inspector would fail you. The trick is finding a not-so-smart one.


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