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From digest.v7.n453 Thu Oct 16 20:12:14 1997
From: Ben Liaw <>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 18:36:34 +0000 ( )
Subject: <All> Wheel Straighting

Hey All;

Just got off the phone with Wheel Collision Center in Bath, PA and discovered a piece of useful information which I thought I'd pass along to other digesters...

I've been told that some manufacturers of wheels don't like to repair their own products (or charge a fortune to do so). In the case of a 3-piece rim (where it consists of two halves and a center), it should be pretty easy to do, in theory, right? Well, the next time you whack a 3-piece rim made in Italy, just try to get it fixed. I'm sure that you'll not have a problem with Fikse, HRE, Kinesis or other US manufacturers...

Anyhow, WCW says they can fix other companies' 3 piece wheels (or 1 piece wheels), too. They charge and extra $50 to disassmble/assemble the wheel, but can even machine a new rim half if necessary.

I spoke to Becky (who is very nice on the phone) and she says that they see a lot of BMW rims, Volvo rims, and Corvette rims. Additionally, they see a lot of BBS rims. When all is said and done, it's all related to the amount of sidewall protection the tire gives. Obviously, with a 40 series tire, you have as much protection as using a piece of cheese cloth as a form of birth control.

By the way, they're fixing my forged BMW that lost a battle to a pothole located on NJ's Rt. 80 East, center lane, just before the 47B exit. Got me thinking...what about a site? Just like, but for nasty potholes? Comments?

Oh, by the way, I think you get a special deal if you mention the Ultimate Garage, when you send it in. Not sure if you get a better price, better service, or a rubber chicken. You can call 'em at 1-800-292-RIMS. Becky or Daryl are the ones to talk to...


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