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From digest.v7.n285 Tue Sep 16 18:25:37 1997
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 18:03:08 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Vote Results - Kleen Wheels Dust Shields

Thanx to all the BMW Digest folks who responded to my earlier request for comments pro and con using Kleen Wheels. Of the dozen or so who posted me, all were positive -- none had any negative experience. Nobody actually reported a single case of rotor warping. This included those using them long ago, even before introduction of the "turbo vents" -- air scoops to force air flow onto the rotor.

I ordered and installed two sets for my E-32 and no longer have to do the daily cleaning ritual of the wheels. They stay as clean as a whistle now. About the only application for which they would not be suitable are track events, or on a three or five spoke wheel where they would be more noticable. On the other hand, with any wide-open wheel design you might prefer seeing the flat black disk rather than the rotor. With the typical BMW wheel design you hardly see the difference.

They are available for 58 BMW applications from older 3-series thru 850 and Z-3. Ford uses them as OE on several models. Some BMW dealers carry them, others only listen to "Old Wives Tales." Warranty is unaffected. Places to order them include Bavarian autosport (p 19), Pep Boys, J.C. Whitney and Discount Tire. Application info at their website,

Just remove your wheels, insert the disk like an inside hubcap, and reinstall the wheel. But be very careful to observe the "red arrow" directional rotation. (Otherwise the vents will be bass ackwards) If you have a tire shop install them for you -- stand there and watch -- my shop started to install two of them backwards in spite of the big red arrows and my earlier word of caution to them. If I had not been standing there... Separate them as driver's side and passenger side to be safe, as in idiot-proof.

Now that I no longer have to brush those four filthy wheels every day I've noticed my teeth turning white again. My dentist will be thrilled. Color me happy.

Walt Peters

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