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From digest.v6.n695 Mon May 26 05:51:22 1997
From: "Rebel A. Cole" <m1rac01_at_FRB.GOV>
Date: Sun, 25 May 1997 20:25:03 -0400
Subject: <MISC> Tire Mounting, the Goodyear Way (NOT!)

Hi, all,

Last week I had a new set of tires mounted on my car. I specifically asked the manager to have the grease-monkeys hand-torque the lugs to 80 ft.-lbs., which he dutifully wrote on the ticket. Well, yesterday, I decided to check to be sure it was done right. HELL, NO! Every lug had to be torqued to more than 100 ft.-lbs. The worst thing is that I have a set of acorn-type locking lugs, and I cannot get the damn things loose, even with my impact wrench. I've just about stripped the key in the process.

In the spirit of the recent Jiffey-Lube thread, let me add Goodyear Tire to the list of places to frequent at your own risk. Next time, I'll let them mount the tires on the rim, but I'll mount the wheels on the car. Unbelievable! Had I had a flat, I would have had no recourse but to call a tow truck. Am I pissed off? Guess . . . .

Rebel A. Cole
'86 535i (198,500 miles)

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