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Subject: <All> BMW Wheel Locks

After reading the post from the guy that found his car with no wheels, I ordered two sets of the following: BMW wheel locks part # 36 13 1 180 882 which retail for $31.00 per set ($23.25 from Stephen). Similar to, but better than, the old McGuard locks that I'm familar with, (no keys). Once you snap on the caps, you may wonder how you will get them off. Simply turn the hex cap and they pop right off. Look closely and you will see, that this was part of the design. Hopefully the wheel locks will thwart off the rookies while my ti sets in the dark at the P&W aircraft engine factory. They may scratch the car, but hopefully, they won't let the air out.

The following installation instructions came with the wheel locks that I ordered, basically shown as written.

BMW Installation Instructions
Anti-Theft Wheel Bolts
All BMW Models

BMW Wheel Locks

To install the wheel bolts (1), insert the adaptor (2) into the wheel-bolt toothing to the stop and screw in the wheel bolt manually. Tighten with a torque wrench to the specified torque value. Install plastic cap (3).

To remove the wheel bolt, take (turn) off the plastic cap, insert the adaptor into the wheel bolt to the stop and unscrew the wheel bolt.

Caution: A reserve adaptor should be kept in a convenient place in the vehicle, as the adaptor toothing varies according to installation kit. FLY BMW

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