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From digest.v6.n914 Wed Jul 23 16:45:17 1997
From: "Timothy A. Roach" <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 14:02:50 -0700
Subject: Re: Wheel Locks

When we picked up our M3 in Munich a couple of months ago, I wanted to purchase some wheel locks. At Neiderlassung delivery center they had two different types of BMW wheel locks: the key locks and ones that use an adapter. The gentleman who delivered our car said that the key locks were junk and that we should buy the studs with the adapter, which were also much less expensive.

They are called "Lockable Wheel Studs" on the box, but "Anti-theft Wheel Bolts" in the instructions. The package contains four (4) wheel studs, four (4) plastic covers to simulate the regular black lug bolts, and two (2) keyed adapters.

I am not sure which number is the part number--there is one in the instructions and one on the box:

On Box: 36 13 1 180 882
Instructions: F 34 51 255

I would try the Instructions number first, since the description is more accurate.

Incidentally there is a location in the tool kit for storing the adapter(s).

  • -Tim
| Timothy A. Roach                              408/457-2262 |  
| Alden/Roach Consulting | | Santa Cruz, California "An addend of the SUM Group" |
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