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From digest.v6.n621 Mon May 5 12:54:42 1997
From: Bob Stommel <>
Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 08:29:33 -0500
Subject: Windy City Chapter Road America school

Fellow track junkies:

Kudos to the BMW CCA Windy City Chapter. Just got back from their driver school at Road America this past weekend (I went in disguise as a student since it was my first time there). A well-organized, well-run school on a phenomenal 4-mile track. The speeds on this track are incredible. There's actually a speed limit imposed for one corner to keep cars from running out of room at the exit. And it's a good thing -- it's a FAST sweeper and there's nothing but concrete and Armco to greet you just a few feet off the exit of the turn. I dubbed it "fear and loathing in the Kink".

These people know how to run a SAFE school. Good classroom sessions, good skidpad exercises, good instructors (even the food at the track was good -- better than most of the lunches I eat during the workweek). If you ever have a chance to attend one of their May schools there, it's worth whatever drive you have to make.

Bob Stommel
Indianapolis, IN
Hoosier Chapter BMW CCA Instructor

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