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From digest.v7.n490 Sat Oct 25 14:36:38 1997
From: Bob Stommel <>
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997 10:52:54 -0400
Subject: Insurance coverage for driver schools

>> Before I put my car on the
>> track I checked with them. They didn't want to answer the question
>> bacause they don't like racetracks.
> So did I (with State Farm). The answer was no coverage on race
>track. But then I asked where in the policy did it say that? The
>agent couldn't answer and said he would get back to me. When he did,
>there was indeed coverage for schools at race tracks.
> Moral of story, your agent might not know anything about driver's
>schools, so you have to push them if you decide to check about coverage.

Okay, campers, pay attention. We're only gonna cover this one more time, so those of you in the back of the classroom -- wake up!

Practically every automobile insurance policy on this planet excludes from coverage anything that happens when your car is used for "racing" or ANY "competition" event. This means ANYTHING that is timed, because if it's timed, you're competing. (Got you coneheads worried now, don't I?). BMW CCA driver schools are not races, they are not competitions, and they are not timed. (Put away that damn stop watch, will ya?) It doesn't matter if the school is held at a race track, grocery store parking lot, or Aunt Millie's driveway.

I'm getting pretty tired of insurance companies who try to deny coverage for accidents that occur at BMW CCA driver schools. I will personally help anyone in the U.S. with free telephone advice if your insurance company tries to exclude coverage for a BMW CCA driver school accident (sorry, you coneheads and time trial folks are out of luck). Your local CCA Chapter driver school coordinators should know how to handle the dance with insurance companies. If they don't, call me on your dime anytime: 317-237-0500 (office) or 317-271-6245 (home).

For those of you who have already been through one driver school incident, here are the cold, hard facts: Your insurance company has the right to not renew your policy when it expires. They also have the right to make renewal contingent on a "rider" that excludes all driver schools, driving events, etc. And even if they continue to cover you in the future, it is very likely that your insurance rates will increase because you are now in a higher risk group for coverage. I don't agree that it's right; it's just the way insurance companies operate.

Moral of the story: It just ain't worth pressing that 911 in front of you or trying to be a second faster than your buddy for the headache and heartache of a potential insurance problem. If you want to compete, find a car that you can afford to roll into a little ball of sheetmetal and go racing!

Bob Stommel
Hoosier Chapter
"Geezin' on the street. Screamin' on the track."

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