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From digest.v6.n338 Sun Mar 9 20:41:50 1997
From: "David Apker" <>
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 97 20:25:17 UT
Subject: Helmets etc.

I am going to try to make this as simple as possible. SA rated helmets are for cars and M rated helmets are for motorcycles. Multiple impacts in a car can occur even if you do not have a roll bar. Items that were once attached often become flying objects soon after impact. Also a spin may cause your precious head to impact with the door frame etc. multiple times. At speed on a race track there are often multiple impacts with tire walls, guard rails, and other cars. Why take the chance of suffering a permanent head injury? Do you want to spend months in rehab learning how to talk, walk, and eat again? This a dangerous sport! Things can happen. They may not even be your fault. Snell not only tests
the helmet for impact but also its ability to stay on your head. I have been arguing for years that National if not the National Capital Chapter should require SA rated helmets. The argument I get is that students can not afford the difference in price. OG Racing will sell you an open face helmet Bell SA 95 for under a $180.00 so what is the point. They will also rent you a helmet for $25.00 for the weekend. My advice is rent or beg or borrow a SA helmet. Some students spend thousands of dollars modify there cars but can't afford an SA helmet. Wrong Priorities.

Helmets are important. But please remember it is not only the impact with an object in the car that can hurt you but also the sudden stop. At a NASCAR race at Watkins Glen several years ago a driver died of massive head trauma. There were no impact marks on his helmet. His injuries were caused when his car hit the tire wall and his brain impacted the front of his skull. The resulting whiplash broke a bone in his neck causing his death. The weight of helmet is also important. A Carbon Kelvar helmet may be worth the money.

For more information on motorsport safety, health and fitness I recommend obtaining a copy of "Motorsports Medicine by Dr Harlen C. Hunter and Rick Stoff published by Lake Hill Press 1992. May still be in print.

It is your head and your life. So save your beer money and buy an SA helmet. Full face please but that is another argument for another day. See flying objects above. Facial plastic surgery is expensive.

Our March School is filling up fast so please send your application in promptly. School dates are March 29 and 30 at the big track at Summit Point. Cost is $250.00 for the weekend. You can get a copy of our application at our chapter's home page. Remember Snell 90 M or SA or better required. Nitrous tanks must be removed and roll bars adequately padded for the passenger side also.

Dave Apker
Drivers School Coordinator NCC
BMWCCA # 88149
90 325I
Bell M3 SA 95
Bell Sport SA 85

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