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From digest.v7.n543 Wed Nov 5 12:36:39 1997
From: Bob Stommel <>
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 07:01:24 -0500
Subject: Harnesses for driver schools

>I recently ordered a Schroth Rallye 3. How rigidly are the various
>chapters of BMWCCA enforcing the equal restraint rule at Drivers schools?
>Will I have to order another one before I can use the one that I have? (I
>wanted to get it for schools. My wife supported the idea not because of
>schools but because of the danger in the daily commute - way more than at a
>driver's school. She is dead right. Underground Upgrade Club, listen up!
>Some women understand!)

The national office of the BMW CCA recently released new guidelines for CCA driver schools. The section on safety equipment says: "If 4, 5, or 6 point belts are provided for the driver, it is recommended that equal restraints be provided for the front passenger." This is only a recommendation and is not mandatory. But I think you will see more of the local Chapters starting to require equal restraints. As an instructor, I think it's a good idea. There's something a little unsettling about sitting in the passenger seat at 100 mph with just the stock seatbelt, while your student is strapped into a 5-point harness. I'm not sure where your 3-point belt fits into this program. For the minimal increase in cost, if you are going to put in any type of harness belt, it should be at least a 4-point so that the rear belt piece has two mounting points instead of just one.

Bob Stommel
Hoosier Chapter

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