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From digest.v6.n642 Fri May 9 06:55:13 1997
From: Mark Magee <>
Date: Thu, 08 May 1997 17:30:39 -0700
Subject: re: driving schools

>> Both NASA and SCCA offer driving schools almost monthly, and are
>> single day schools - which is far easier for me to fit into my
>> schedule.
> Paul--Paul_Kunz_at_SLAC.Stanford.EDU
> I thought, but could be wrong, that SCCA schools are racing schools
>and you must have a race prepared car to enter. I also thought that
>the local SCCA region had only one school per year.

In addition to their 1-2 racing schools per year, the SFR SCCA has a few performance driving schools for street cars. They do use some of the same instructors as the CCA schools. The problem is they don't have enough instructors to have one in each student's car. At least they didn't the time I did their school. I was able to grab an instuctor for some of my laps.

Among performance driving schools in Nor-Cal, I would rate them like this based on educational value:

  1. Skip Barber 2-day advanced driving school (just paddock exercises, but very well done -- best place to get started, but not cheap)
  2. GGC BMW CCA tie) LA BMW CCA (very similar program)
  3. TrackTime (visits CA about once per year, rental 318ti's available)
  4. SCCA street school (need more instructors to be more effective) tie) Jim Russell street survival (too short, but interesting)
  5. NASA (kinda racey, kinda loose) tie) Green Flag (not a school, open track) tie) Ferrari Club (not a school, open track) not rated) Shelby Club (never been to one of their events)

I haven't done enough racing schools to give a rating scale. As I mentioned before, I like NASA schools for racing practice, but don't recommend them for intermediate or novice performance drivers. I run NASA events with all the safety equipment I would use in a race.

  • -MRM
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