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From digest.v7.n491 Sat Oct 25 20:02:40 1997
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997 12:50:46 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Ruining brakes at Driver's School

In Digest #489, Paul Kunz states:


My wife had quite a few complaints that weekend that she didn't allow people to pass her between turn 11 and turn 2. Her response was that on exit she floored it and if you couldn't pass her that was your problem not hers. I think she was right.

She was right, but only if she could make better lap times than those behind her. If she got "quite a few complaints" then she was probably quickly caught in the twisty bits and held fellow drivers up. Repeatedly holding others up is a good reason for a black flag to discuss track behavior. If the offense continues with no corrective action, then the driver should be taken off the track for a session to think about it and possibly sent home for the day.

If you see the same car in your rear view mirror lap after lap, GET A CLUE, you may have higher staight line speed but are undoubtedly holding up the parade. Club track sessions are not a race, you don't win by holding up your fellow enthusiasts. Track sessions are set up with restrictive passing areas to maintain safety. They don't allow the freedom to pass a slower car that doesn't want to be passed because they do rely on driver courtesy. Besides, if it were a race, that M5 would probably outbreak your wife at the next corner and her bragging rights would be put back into pespective. Tell your wife next time to leave her ego at home. Everyone will have more fun; no one will be held up and your wife won't have to defend her driving habits. If you both still think she is right, may I suggest that you get into club racing or some other competitive venue.

I have been teaching high performance driving for several years and this is one of the many things we stress. Sooner or later, your wife will meet up with someone of like mind set who will get angry enough that they end up doing something stupid which can jepordize the paint of two vehicles, let alone the safety of all involved.

Walt Conley
88 M3

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