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Date: Sat, 05 Sep 98 23:18:52 -0800
From: "POWELL"<>
Subject: Re[2]: [E36M3] Tire pressure Autox

     Walk the course first if possible.  If there are no braking cones 
     marked, ask to have them marked by putting another cone on top of the 
     other cones every 25 feet back from the apex cone to say 100-150 feet 
     back.  Particularly on corners at the end of the faster straights and 
     sweepers.  Then take an instructor with you and see where he starts 
     braking.  Don't be afraid to push the brakes to the point the 
     anti-lock kicks in.  That's what its there for.  Just  don't jump on 
     them initially.  You don't want to lock them momentarily.  And it will 
     happen.  If your car has traction control, turn it off.  Aircon too.  
     Remember to look ahead for the apex.  Drive with your eyes a couple of 
     seconds past where instinct tells you.  Roll the throttle on smoothly 
     coming out of slow corners.  A good cure for this is to drive in third 
     as soon as possible instead of second.  Smooth is better than trying 
     to whip the course.  Trail braking is an art, learn it.  Take a lawn 
     chair, water, hat, an air pump even if its a cigarette lighter type 
     and extra oil.  Pack a lunch that won't spoil if the event isn't 
     providing them.  Torque the lugs before you go.  Leave the spare and 
     jack and everything else at home or take it out when you get there.  
     Put in that 8th quart of oil before you run.  Careful about missed 
     shifts, and let the car idle after runs with the hood open to cool 
     off.  Helmets are supposed to be tight.  If its easy to put it on its 
     too big.  Your head shouldn't rattle around in there.  Wear 
     sunglasses.  Thin socks and tight shoes let you feel the throttle.  
     Just like in golf, too many people giving you advice will screw you 
     up.  Pick one instructor.  Ask him to drive with you on two practice 
     runs and give you *one* that's right, one and only one thing to work 
     on.  Work on it.  Don't try to impress him.  You won't.  Thank the guy 
     or woman for their time.  Don't yak with people while they're prepping 
     their cars.  They might forget to tighten something and wreck their 
     car or get hurt.  There's time to BS during rest periods or later.  
     Listen to the starter.  Offer to help at the next one.
     Oh yea, have a good time.
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