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From digest.v6.n626 Tue May 6 06:58:53 1997
From: Pat Donahue <>
Date: Mon, 05 May 1997 19:43:27 -0400
Subject: E36 M3s and accidents

I wonder if one contributing factor is that students (and some instructors) think that the way to prove they are good enough for the next level is to show how fast they can get around the track. Because the car itself is doing so much of the work it's easy to go fast and pass all the "C" cars. Driver gets bumped to "B" and feels the need to pass all the "B" cars except those pesky 318s and 320s out there are equipped with better drivers, more track oriented equipment, and more experience.

I watched one E36 M3 driver who (like me) got moved into the "A" group mainly because the "B" group was full go all the way around the track numerous times without ever actually driving the line. The one time I caught up to him and he was on the line I told my instructor that his instructor must have taken over to show him how -- then he dropped a couple of wheels off and I realized it was still the same driver.

Talking to this guy was a trip. He's been to more driving schools on more tracks under more varied tracks in his current car than I'll do in the next 5 years and still hasn't learned anything. I watched him (after we'd had a session or two on the skidpad mind you) get the tail loose on a wet track and saw both back wheels immediately stop turning and start sliding off track -- full lift at high revs -- better than brakes. I felt sorry for his instructor as they went sliding completely out of control off track. Luckily, this was at Summit Point and there was plenty of room. I also anticipated that his entire concentration would be on getting his car back onto the pavement and so was ready when he came sliding all the way back across in front of me.

I'm sure the weight of his many schools completed and much talk gets him moved up at schools all the time, I just wonder where the input from the instructors goes.

  • -- Pat Donahue Vienna, VA '91 M5 4GTFUL '72 MGB 8LYFGR&
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