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From Fri Jun 12 20:44:41 1998
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 23:38:29 EDT
Subject: Hunter TC350 (CT, Western MA) Tire Machine Locations

A Hunter tire changing machine:

The following list shows some of the locations, of the Hunter TC350 tire machine in the Connecticut and Western Massachusetts areas. You can come up with a similar list pertaining to your area by contacting Hunter at 1-800-448-6848. Its not as easy as it seems. I started working on this seemingly simple task last September. If your persistent, hopefully you will also end up with a list for your area.

Helmuts BMW, 43 North Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 203-334-1672
Fairfield County Motorsports, 190 Carter Henry Drive, Fairfield, CT 203-256-9291
Fetzer Tire Corporation, 3651 Post Road, Southport, CT 203-255-5771
Competition & Sports Cars Ltd., 355 Putnam Avenue, Greenich, CT 203-661-1725
Miller Motorcars, 342 West Putnam Avenue, Greenich, CT 203-629-3890
Ridgefield European Motors,Inc.,746 Danbury Road, Ridgefield, CT 203-438-0471
Axlerod Tire, Route 66, Portland, CT 860-342-0102
Town Fair Tire, Brookfield, CT
Consumers Union, Moodus, CT
Reynolds Subaru, Lyme, CT
Roberts Auto Sales 278 Hudson St Hartford, CT 860-522-2076

Petes Tire King, 471 S Main Street, Webster, MA 508-949-1756
C&R Tire Co Inc.,111 Randolph Road, Worcester, MA 508-852-6464
Westboro Motors Inc.,271 Turnpike Road, Westborough, MA 508-366-1741 FLY BMW

Also, if you would like to search for a Hunter Engineering Rep in your area:
Please enter your zip code:

And, if you were wondering how BMW mounts up those wheels at the factory, they use a Hunter Tire Changer:
BMW                 North America Approved
                    Technical & Training Facility, Montvale, NJ
                    Vehicle Preparation Center, Oxnard, CA         
                    Vehicle Preparation Center, Port Elizabeth, NJ
                    Research and Test Departments / Europe
                    OEM Factory Mounting / BMW 850
                    OEM Factory Mounting / BMW M3 & M5 Plants
                    OEM Factory Motorcycle Mounting

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