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From digest.v7.n1811 Mon Jun 1 22:25:48 1998
From: DuaneCollie <>
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 22:47:21 -0400
Subject: Tool Flames

>Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 10:34:49 EDT
>Subject: Re:A man and his tools...

The Respected Scott Chamberlin writes:

>Well, Duane,
>Can't say I share your Snap-On enthusiasm, but then again, I don't spend a

>of my time snapping off rusted bolts;-). For cars kept in reasonable

>Craftsman seems to work fine. If a situation exists that demands Snap-On, I
>haven't encountered it in 30 years.

Hmmmmm... Just ONE case in point very recently (since you asked) on a non-rusty bolt - Torx Screw actually, if we get technical. Installing TC Kline's Roll Bar in the '95 M3 and here we go ... gotta remove the TORX upper shoulder belt screw to drop the bracket and to allow the bar to slide in. I grab my Craftsman TORX 3/8" Socket (T-40 I recall, don't crucify me if it's a T-30!) and was being quite careful and attentive in attempting to remove the screw using a hand rachet- no air tools. I knew BMW would have that rascal in there solid being a seat belt anchor and all....high stripping possibility. Don't EVEN want to try to work an Extractor in there.

Easy now...sucker is really tight in there...Hold it perfectly horizontal and don't rock the bit.....!!!Dammit!!! - stripped! Rounds out the internal lands at once. *&_at_##^$_at_^# !!!! GAWD - I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!

I swear a bit and lookat the bit...all the side edges let go on the bit itself. HEY! No big deal, right? Craftsman warranty and all - they're gonna give me a new bit and help my with my car, right??? HA!! .... my interior is gutted on the garage floor and it will be a friggin' NIGHTMARE to get that stripped TORX out.

I call Dave, my Snap-On Dealer in Manassas (9 p.m. Sat. night). He sez c'mon down and I'll get you a decent T-40 bit. I go to his house - buy a set of TORX and get a tip how to get the stripped screw out using a welder. I call up "the GEEZZEEE" and Pat brings over his MIG welder on Sunday. He expertly welds a 17mm nut on the top of the stipped TORX in about 5 minutes and we get it right out (whew!). GO GEEEEZZZE !! (Pat's my hero).

I go to the other side of the car and the Snap-On bit bites and holds the T-40 screw on that side and backs it out with no problem. No difference in procedure, the Craftsman bit simply failed under the load. I gave the enitre set of Craftsman TORX bits to my next door neighbor that same day and told him not to use the T-40 bit until he got it replaced. WINNER = Snap-On.

I also get some Facom tools (including their beautiful torque wrenches) from Steve D'G at The Ultimate Garage, the occasional Stalwille from Baum Tools, and have some MAC impact sockets ... so I'm not a Snap-On elitist per se. But all the cheapie tools are being purged from the box as the budget allows.

>Why so hostile, Duane, 'fraid people will comment on the size of your "tool"?

Wasn't 'sposed to be hostile, Scott...was s'posed to be good natured jabbin' but all depends on how ya read the post, I guess. As far as the size of my 'tool', well I can tell you its so itty-biddy that I have to "mic" it instead of using a yardstick. Less to get bound up by the sub-belt at the track and all.

<psssst...wanna buy some used Craftsman tools cheap? Got some left.......>

Duane Collie,
non-hostile, but I got 30 years of wrenching on cars, diesel trucks and motorcycles, too.
National Capital Chapter

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