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From digest.v7.n554 Fri Nov 7 14:58:35 1997
From: (Dan, Marilyn, Phil Patzer)
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 1997 06:30:03 -0800
Subject: re-remounting tires

I shuddered when I saw a set of 4 used snow tires in the trunk of a customers car. They were on their way to the tire shop to have their street tires dismounted, and snow tires mounted onto the wheels until March, then reverse the procedure again. I asked them how long their tires last. Wow was I surprised when they admitted just a couple/three years even though they didn't get hardly any mileage on them.
Tires are engineered to be stretched once for the initial install. Anything more than that is "cruel and Unusual Treadment" Quit it! Spend the bucks on another set of wheels. This set need not match your others cosmetically, but must be safely functional. The tire must clear the fender obviously, but also the inside must clear the steering knuckle/ball-joint, and the wheel itself must clear the caliper. I commonly see inner sidewall damage and occasionally shaven wheels due to interferance problems. The most common mistake I see is 325 wheels used on the front of 2002's. Take another look if you've done it. It'll work if you study/correct it.

Dan Patzer
the CyberWrench
from Bimmers Only

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