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From digest.v6.n329 Fri Mar 7 17:53:51 1997
From: Alfred Sutlick <>
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 1997 01:47:44 -0800
Subject: <MISC> Tire gauges

I agree with Carl Buckland's choice of the Griot's tire gauge. I also have the VDO gauge that I've had since about '75. At the time I purchased it, I liked its feature of holding the pressure until you pressed the button to release it, but since I purchased the Griot's a couple of years ago, the VDO never sees the light of day. I too, like the feature of being able to add a bit of excess air, and then being able to bleed it off until I get where I want. I like the design of it better than the Accugage from Imparts.

For those with an air compressor, Griot's now offers a professional tire inflating gun for $39.95. It has the standard 1/4" N.P.T. thread on the bottom to install a quick-release coupling or hose. It has a 3" multi-colored gauge which displays in PSI or bar. One-handed operation. Pull the trigger slightly to bleed, or a little harder to inflate. It also has a rubber shroud around the gauge. European-made.

If you can find any of the products Griot sells, somewhere else, you'll probably get it for less.

Al Sutlick
BMWCCA #000367

'79 635CSi Euro ('88 535i engine)
'84 528e
'91 325i (son's)

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