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Date: 1 May 1997 08:28:29 -0400
From: Don Williams <>
Subject: Re: Anti-roll bar installation

I just installed my new Eibach bars last night. Although I am a somewhat experienced mechanic, I can't imagine it taking more than two hours for a novice to complete the job. The biggest headache for me was removing and replacing the spare to get at the rear bar.

English instructions were not available for the Eibach bars, but I did get two sets of them in German. I don't think that the instructions would have provided much insight past the obvious. The bars are easily accesible with all fasteners in easy reach. Unlike the Volkswagen design that makes you lower the front sub frame to get at the bar (what a really stupid design), I know I digress, but last week my best friend and I worked on the bars on his 91 GTI.

I installed mine in the middle of the three adjustment positions in the rear and in the softest of the two on the front. The improvements were immediately noticeable and superb. Steering response is much nicer, quicker and firmer. The car corners flat, even when pushed fairly hard (and remember, I can still make it firmer). This is one of the best improvements I've made in terms of cost/benefit, I believe. It did not seem to affect any of the desirable suspension traits of the car, simply eliminate the negative aspects and enhance the positive.

I imagine that adjusting them will take about 20 minutes per bar.

BTW, I ordered mine from a local distributor for $406.00 including shipping and VA state tax. Don Williams

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