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From digest.v7.n1834 Fri Jun 5 18:22:03 1998
From: "Steve D'Gerolamo" <>
Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 19:49:55 -0400
Subject: Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

Robert writes: "You were all helpful on the broken stud on the shock bearing. Now for
some more questions on replacing the front wheel bearings. I think it is a job I can do myself. Any hidden pitfalls or tricks from those who have done it?"

Changing a front wheel hub/bearing assembly is a 15 minute job (per side) on just about any E30/E36, E28/E34 or E24/E31/E32 with the special tools (will take a little longer with generic pullers and drifts). It's so easy that Ben Liaw could do these at his ShiftFests as an added feature.

I'll go through "my" procedure and reference the tools and products that I use in can substitute your own tools & chemicals.

(1) Remove the wheel and spray the caliper retainer screw with penetrating oil (Wurth Rost Off). Remove the caliper and hang from the strut with a wire or bungee cord.

(2) Hit the rotor retainer screw with a 10mm drift punch (Facom 0249.G10)...this should loosen the rust and allow the screw to come out with an allen socket (SK41404 or SK41405). Remove the rotor.

                (3) Remove the bearing outer dust cap (Facom DR11).
                (4) Using a punch or needle nose pliers, bend the locking tab on the

retainer nut so the nut can be removed. Using an impact gun (IR2131) and the appropriate socket (SK34086 for 36mm or Facom K46HA for 46mm), spin off the bearing retainer hub nut.

(5) Attach special tool (BMW tool #312100) with the appropriate attachment for your car and pull the bearing/hub assembly off the spindle. If the race detaches and hangs up on the spindle, pull it off with a long finger puller (Facom U301).

(6) If the inner dust cap appears undisturbed, you may leave it in place. I include new caps with my bearings just in case.

(7) Attach special tool (BMW tool #312110 or 312120) to the spindle and press on the new bearing assembly. Note, if you buy an SKF bearing, you'll have to remove the plastic retainer piece that keeps the race from separating from the ball bearings during transit...the FAG units are all set to install.

(8) Install the new 36mm or 46mm nut...torque to 210 ft lbs (Facom S206-350). Use a chisel or punch to split the locking collar of the hub nut and bend it into the spindle slot.

(9) Re-install the outer dust cap, brakes, wheel and you're done. SD

Steve D'Gerolamo - The Ultimate Garage
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