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From digest.v5.n347 Mon Oct 7 18:52:35 1996
From: Don Eilenberger <>
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 1996 20:59:57 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: THANKS MUCH! CD player installed!

Thanks to ALL of those who helped me track down how to install the CD changer in my new(to me) E34.

The job turned out being very simple, once the correct part was tracked down.

Long story short:

My '92 has a Pioneer stereo (press PROG/- buttons - sez: Pioneer BMW). My changer was one made for use with an FM modulator (which is how is lived on BOHICA for 4 years). It is a Pioneer CDX35FM (the FM indicates the modulator model).

These went together and work fine using the Periperhal cable as per a message from Gordie (their tech person, who replied very quickly to my request):

>Thank you for the inquiry.
>You have a unique situation but i think i have the answer. The CDXFM35 is
>virtually the same as the CDX-M30. The only difference in the CDXFM35 is a
>compression circuit that limits the dynamics of the audio. The BMWPIO
>adapter will work and provide you with direct access to the changer. Here is
>the catch. If i am not mistaken the FM modulator has the cable soldered to
>to its circuit board. If the cable does unplug from the FM modulator then
>use it with the BMWPIO.
>If the cable is soldered you need the cable from a CDX-M30 or equivelent for
>the install. The cable that is in the back of your BMW is a 14 pin DIN. The
>BMWPIO plugs into that DIN and converts it to a 13 pin DIN. The Pioneer
>cable will now fit this 13 pin DIN connector.
>You will still need the 2 pin power connector for either install. Try a
>local stereo shop for both the 2 pin connector or the cable if you need it.
>Hope this helped.
>Visit the Stinger / Peripheral website
>Gordie Kay
>Technical Department

Turns out the cable (I found it at a local car-audio shop, same one I bought the CDX 4 years ago) - plugged directly into the CDX35FM and directly into the BMW data cable. Hooked up power - and it came right on, works fine. Mounted it where BMW does in the trunk and dressed the wiring.. looks factory, works factory (all functions handled by the radio).

The notes that came with the cable mention:

Years '89-91 - you need the mfg's cable.

Years '92-94 - you need just the adaptor cable from Perpherial

Adaptor: Peripheral Electronics, Inc, BMWPIO Adaptor for '92-'94.

call Peripheral at 813-572-9255, or find at local shop.

Years '94-on, BMW screwed with the radio so aftermarket changers don't work, Perpherial is working on it, but warned it won't be REAL SOON NOW..

Best, and special thanks to:
Gordie, Warren Brown, Phil Marx, Jeffrey, David Skirzenski, Dale Beuning, Peter Rhim. (If I missed anyone - sorry.. got lots of info rather quickly!)

As usual - the list answered my questions quickly and accurately! Sure beats a sharp stick in the eye!

Don Eilenberger
Spring Lk Hts, NJ, USA
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