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From: S Lafredo <>
To: E36M3 List <>
Subject: [E36M3] European Rentals

I was in Germany last year in September for 10 days. I think you will find that you have no trouble renting a good car. We went to a Hertz, I think, and rented a 316i. They had everything available, including 5's and 7's. I don't exactly remember if they had an M available, but I think you should be able to find one. You should also be able to get a Porsche or Mercedes if you prefer that. We did not have any trouble with availability, either.

They had plenty of cars ready to go, without a wait.

In the airport, there were several places to rent, and they all speak English. It may be helpful to get an international driver license. All this is, is a translation of your US license, and it's all you need. Your US insurance will NOT cover you in Germany. Our 316i cost about $50 per day to rent. Other cars will cost more. I think the 5 series they had was about $75.

One suggestion I will make is this: Make damn SURE you really understand the laws. They take driving infractions VERY seriously. Do not pass on the right at any time. If you are in the left lane doing 250km, and someone comes behind you on a motorcycle (yes, motorcycle at 250+) or in a ferrari doing 300km, then you signal, and move to the right in such a manner as to not require them to slow, if at all possible.

Cops use radar and photos. They also drive VERY fast cars, like M's. You can get a ticket in the mail, which you are responsible for as the signer on the rental car. You can also get stopped for doing something considered dangerous, like passing on the right, or speeding. Yes, there are limits in some places, due to heavy traffic, merging traffic, or windy roads. Take it seriously. Also, everyone in the car must wear a seatbelt, including the back seat, and you can be stopped and fined for this.

The best part is when you see a round sign which looks sort of like this: /// ). I call this the "balls-out" sign. It means you can go whatever speed you want. And, amazingly, the people in front of you accellerate or move over to let you by. While there, I had the opportunity to drive the 316i and an Audi A6 turbo diesel. I must say that people did not seem to like the BMW so much. They were much more willing to move out of the way of the Audi, much sooner, than the BMW. It's like they resent the BMW, which I notice here too.

By the way, don't laugh at the Audi. The 316 topped out at 200km/h (fifth gear, 6500 rpm red line), while the Audi went over 235km/h. Amazingly the 316 (while being driven as fast as possible) averaged over 40 mpg and the Audi, with a six speed gearbox, averaged over 80 mpg!! Of course, a full tank cost almost $90, with gas at a mere $6 per gallon, and diesel at $4 per gallon. Makes the Audi one hell of a car, and driving it, you would never guess it's a diesel. But... I digress....

You should have no trouble finding a desirable car to drive. Just be careful, and make sure you pay attention. Things happen fast at that speed, and it's easy to forget how fast you are going. There were times that I was doing 200km/h for an hour at a time. Makes 55 seem like you are walking.

Here's another thought.... You WILL want a photo of the speedometer. It's especially dramatic, because the mph are not on there. So, you want a photo of the needle pointing to 215 or 225! Before you start driving, instruct your wife on the photo, how to hold the camera, how to focus, make sure there's film, and all that. The last thing you want to do is try to show her how to do it at 225 km/h. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Guess again.

Have fun! Hope that helps!

-----Original Message-----
From: <>
To: <> Date: Tuesday, August 31, 1999 10:52 AM
Subject: [E36M3] Hello and Question

>Hello all:
> New member here. 95 M3 owner. Just wanted to say hello and ask a
>question.......I've actually got plenty of questions, but I'll wait
>till my return to get into all of that. The reason I'm writing today
>is because I am leaving for Europe on my Honeymoon Sun. Sept. 5.
>One thing I want to do while there is rent an M3, or perhaps
>a........dare I say........911, and drive
>through the Black Forest in Germany on the A5, or A81 autobahn.
>Anyone on the list been so fortunate as to have done this? Know
>any contacts, or a good agency to deal with? Any input greatly
>appreciated. Thank you in advance.
> Feel free to e-mail me privately so as not to bore the other members at >
>Thank you,
> John W. Hortenstine


 Stephen Lafredo       Philadelphia, PA
 BMW CCA NCC                                    97 M3/2 & 89 325ix
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