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From digest.v6.n608 Thu May 1 14:49:22 1997
From: Duane Collie <>
Date: Thu, 01 May 1997 09:18:33 -0400
Subject: E36 EPROM install directions

I've been swamped with requests for the Jim C. Order form and install instructions for the chips as they pertain to the E36 cars. I'll get a response back to everyone - but it may take me a couple of days. So far, over seventy five of you have responded! A lot of the requests have been for the E36 chip install directions by themselves so here they are:

Duane Collie=92s UNOFFICAL EPROM chip instructions for the E36 BMW.=20

Use at your own risk! I guarantee no accuracy for these. Applicable specifically to a =9295 M3.

Before you can order Jim C's Chip you have to get the DME code off your computer box. All cars manufactured after 01/95 or later have drive away code protection and the chips are not swappable between different cars. Its pretty easy on the E36 as follows:

  1. Open the hood and look on the passenger side firewall for an ugly flat rubber gasket on the firewall.
  2. Pull the three plastic plugs out and the gasket will fold down into the engine compartment. =20
  3. Back out the four black Phillips #2 screws that are attached to the black plastic cover you now see (they stay in the cover with retainers so they don't fall away).
  4. Remove the plastic cover. Look inside the hole for the silver metal box - that=92s your computer control.
  5. You will see two (left and right) nickel colored # 2 Phillips screws. Take those off and pull out w/brackets.
  6. Slide the box unit out and record the DME numbers. Reinstall. (the brackets are left/right specific) =20

Now, when you do get the chip, you will find Jim Conforti sends NO instructions.=20
So, do all of the above but continue with:

  1. Remove the wiring cable by pulling on the metal lever. Pull hard and swing it towards you. Then the cable itself rotates out and away to disconnect at an angle. You will see a release notch when you pull it out - note the position for re-assembly.
  2. Take the box to your workbench. Flip it upside down.
  3. Pry back the (8) silver tabs holding the box together. You many break one or two big deal.
  4. Remove the cover.
  5. Look for the largest chip on the board. It has a white plastic retainer cover over it.
  6. Pull the plastic cover off straight up (wiggle it a bit).
  7. There's your chip. Before you pull the stock chip, look and see the orientation on the ends. There is a "dimple" on one end of the chip. The new Jim C. chip must go in the same way, dimple to the right.
  8. Pry out the old EPROM chip=85..carefully! Be sure to ground yourself first so there are no static discharges when you touch it. Pry gently and slowly, alternating ends.
  9. Install the Jim C chip being careful to not bend those little arms. Go slow and press hard to set the chip. Support the bottom of the board with your free hand.
  10. Reassemble all in reverse order.

If your car starts when you are done - you did it right!. If it does not - something got installed wrong. Go Back and try again. Either you bent an EPROM leg on the install or did not get your cable hooked up correctly. No need to disconnect the battery to install, by the way. =20

Jim C's Chip also boosts the redline, removes the top end speed limiter and ( I think) the anti-knock detector. Be sure no low octane gas gets in there - melted piston may result! Do not run less than 92 octane - no exceptions! Got a problem with these instructions? - tell your therapist!

Have fun=85=85Chip=92s a blast!=85=85=85=20

Duane Collie
National Capital Chapter

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