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From: "Jim Houts" <>
Date: 3 Oct 1996 18:31:42 -0800
Subject: Re: Dead Motronic & Rant
                      Subject:                              Time:  6:02 PM
  OFFICE MEMO         RE> Dead Motronic & Rant              Date:  10/3/96

Afternoon all,

This is a two part message. The first I hope will help Anthony Le & Dewey M. Sasser in their search for Motronic fixes. The second part is a major rant aimed at BMW/Bosch.

First off, some of you will remember that I had a problem with my 1985 635CSi not starting. I had the same problem as Dewey. Wouldn't start, or would stall soon after starting.

I checked the fuel supply & various relays. No good. I took out my Motronic 1.1 computer (the one above the glove box), opened it up to look for anything obvious. Again (I thought), no good. Reinstalled the Motronic, and the car started then died a few minutes later. Pulled the Motronic out again, took it to work (good soldering station) and gave it a very close look.

The board was manufactured in 5/85. The receipts that came with the car said $1,100.00US had been paid for a rebuilt Motronic in 1992. The large metal transistor had been replaced at that time. After checking the whole board carefully, I focused on the solder connections of the transistor. Sure enough, 2 of the 3 were bad, I reslodered these and so far I runs well.

So Dewey & Anthony, you may want to take out your Motronic units and look for a bad solder joint. You may save some money.

Part 2: What I found in my Bosch rebuilt Motronic unit...

What an over priced pile of SHIT! The parts the Bosch used were cheap Philippine junk. There was about ONE+ onces of dried flux stuck to parts and several borderline cold solder joint. I've seen better quality in a $30.00 Kragens EI control module. When I spend $800.00 on a part, it better be AS GOOD AS NEW! If the unit Bosch sells is any indication of the quality of their remanufactured parts, then Bosch will not get any of my future business.

I am very disappointed in both priced and performance. The rebuilt unit should last 10+ years.

Rant mode off.

Best regards,
Jim Houts

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