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Subject: Motronics Books

Title:          Bosch Fuel Injection & Engine Management
ISBN:           0 8376 0300 5
Author:         Charles O. Probst
Publisher:      Robert Bentley Publishers
Price:          $15 (a veritable bargain)
Availability:   Classic Motorbooks
                BMP, Bavarian Autosport, Bentley, etc, etc

Summary:        If you own an injected car, you NEED to read this. If you
                own a carb car, you NEED to read this. The book covers all
                Bosch-based Jetronic and Montronic injections. The chapters
                are beautifully laid out, alternating on theory and service.
                Consider this book educational costs in the budget, as it
                will take you to school.

Title:          Motronic Engine Management
ISBN:           1 987 722 161
Author:         Bosch weenies (many)
Publisher:      Robert Bosch GmbH
Price:          $13

Availability: BMP Design

Summary:        Actually Bosch has a complete series of these < 100 page
                pamphlets. Very nicely done. Difficult to tell who the
                audience is meant to be, as it begins with technical
                description of the Otto-cycle ("ok boys and girls, let's
                start at the root of this thing"). Nicely done, though,
                and different than the Bentley Motronic book, as a more
                detailed discussion of the "ying-yang, you don't get something
                for nothing" engine management issues and comparisons.
                I had to read this two or three times to digest the
                contents at some reasonable level. Note, Bosch has similar
                writings (also for about $13 on everything from transistor
                ignitions to ABS).
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