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From: sean thompson <> Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1996 15:49:30 +0000
Subject: I found the problem to intermittant stumbles

To those who wonder, I found the problem that was causing my intermittantstumbles caused by injector shut off. I had replaced the cap and rotor hoping that would cure the problem but it only made it worse. after getting different fault codes from the motronics and checking them out I still had no luck. I tore the car apart and checked all the grounding points and they all were secure. I was getting frustrated and pondered all the systems that could affect the injectors. I got to thinking of the inductive pickup that sequences the injectors. I had already made sure the wire did not get munched by the pulleys about 20 times. I started to remove the new cap just to make sure it was not faulty and VOILA--the clip in the end of the wire was enlarged on the # 6 wire and making intermittant contact and screwing up the injector sequence. short test drive confirms this. I am happy as a clam now and am going for a celebratory beer. Happy labor day. Sean

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