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From: "PAT EGAN"  <>
Date: Fri, 3 May 1996 16:05:35 GMTSubject: E28 Engine/Fuel Systems

Norm Writes :

I have a problem with my '88 528e whereby it idles really slowly (<500rpmSOMETIMES after going through the cold 
start sequence.  If I turn on theA/C, the idle improves.  When it is idling normally (~800rpm and I switchon the A/C, 
the idle jumps to ~1000rpm.  I have not found the cause of itthough.With the motronics 1.1, there is no cold start 
injector.  It is allcontrolled by the motronics and signals it gets from the engine.  I thoughtI had it fixed when I 
changed the temperature sensor but it did not cureit .....Reply : Norm, I had a problem similar to this on my 88 320i 
E30, which has the motronic 1.1 like yours. I solved the problem by "twisting" the motorised idle valve. You should 
note there is no "mechanism" built into the unit to allow this twisting so you have to prise open the crimped lugs 
which hold the steel motor housing to the aluminium valve housing: this then gives enough free play to allow a few 
degrees of twist. A few tips if you are doing thisi. Scribe a line across the alum. / metal housings to give you a 
registration mark so you can relocate it to it's origional position if desired.ii. only loosen the lugs a slight 
amount, too much and the motor comes away and this is difficult to re-assemble.               
Happy motoring 
Pat Egan (Ireland)

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