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From digest.v5.n7 Sat Jul 20 10:27:01 1996
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 1996 12:42:47 -0400
Subject: RE: ALLDATA

>>>>Bob Duckworth<<<< wrote:
>>>>Excuse me if I missed this thread, but has anyone had any
experience with thes CDROMS?
Thinking of plunking down my $$ but wanted to call for backup before I jump.<<<<


I have found the ALLDATA CD to be a valuable "augmentation" to the usual shop manuals for my 7 serires. I certainly would not reccomend it as an ONLY source of info. I was somewhat disappointed by the lack of search or other navigational tools. Some of the sub-sections are not where I would logically expect them to be but after using the program a little, you can usually find what you are looking for.

The wiring diagrams are good, but sometimes small print is hard to read. The photos depicting locations of components (all black & white) are nearly useless, no contrast or poorly scanned. Drawings and diagrams on the other hand are pretty good, especially useful if you have a decent laser or deskjet printer. Allows you to print instructions, diagrams etc. and take it right out to the car, sure beats trying to prop open reference books. Helps to keep the books in better shape, although my keyboard gets dirty faster.

The parts & labor feature, while by no means complete, gives you some idea what to expect cost wise, as well as OEM part numbers, and the labor figure gives you an inkling of how long it will take you.

For the $50 I get access to ALL BMW models for my particular year (the CD itself covers 82 to 87, Acura thru Yugo). If a guy had multiple models of the same year it would be a particularly good deal. I assume you can buy access to additional years/models at a reduced cost?? Also be advised that the software takes about 6MEG on your hard drive, but installation is a snap.

If you are expecting WizBang grapics and a multimedia experience you will be disappointed. But I consider it money well spent.


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