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From Fri Oct 10 17:48:58 1997
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 20:48:29 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: <All> OE versus OEM parts (Compliments of Ken Inn)

The following is from Ken Inn, as written. Pay attention to the words.

OE stands for Original Equipment, and OEM is "Original Equipment Manufacturer", and they are NOT the same. OE(original equipment) is a part that is the exact same part made for BMW but in a different wrapper. a very good example is Bosch, like a fuel injector, the exact same injector is supplied to BMW, same Bosch part number, but would come in a Bosch box(Yellow) not a genuine BMW box. In some cases, the Bosch box would be used by BMW to ship the part, and it then would have the genuine BMW sticker and part number on it. OEM means that the manufacturer of a particular part is a supplier to BMW, but the part in question may NOT be the one that BMW uses. a very good example is a brake rotor. Many of the brake rotors used by BMW are made by BMW, I have no idea who makes rotors for BMW, they have their own foundries, and they make them themselves. so if someone tells you that the rotor is OE, the only case I know of is Brembo, who makes the rotors and calipers for the 840 ONLY. for example, a Brembo rotor for a 325e is an OEM part, because the manufacturer DOES supply parts to BMW, but the rotor is NOT OE, because BMW does not use brembo rotors on 325e.

These terms are used very loosely in the aftermarket parts business, and I like to substitute the word "GENUNE" instead of OE or OEM. Genuine means it comes in a BMW box and it has a BMW part number on it. I caution you when you hear someone telling you that the part is OEM unless they can prove it, and in most cases, they cannot.

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