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From digest.v7.n717 Fri Dec 5 20:22:06 1997
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 15:48:10 -0500
Subject: <OT> Laser Detectors

Date: 12/05/1997 03:42 pm (Friday) From: C. Craig Eller
To: BMW Digest Submission
Subject: <OT> Laser Detectors

Ok you laser fiends out there. I'm working on this countermeasure as we speak. As far as detection goes, the V1 is said to do a good job, the problem is detection may not get you much warning as the laser guns are inherently "instant-on" devices. The narrow bandwidth prevents you from getting the blip warning you would usually get from an instant on radar gun.

The solution: JAMMING!!! FCC jamming laws haven't caught up with the technology yet, so its not illegal to jam laser. Be careful, there is a whole bunch of strait up snake oil out there. There are only two known devices out there that have been independently tested and appear to work. No. 1 - K40's new Laser Diffuser Plus. Uses high power LEDs to scramble the laser guns reception right up to the gun!! No. 2- Lidatec's Laser Echo. Uses its own laser generator to jam the gun for 5 seconds. Both are priced around $300. I'm opting for the K40 as soon as they resolve a waterproofing problem with their equipment. The reason I like the K40 is there is no equipment to mount inside the car except for a small speaker and a LED indicator. Very stealth.

I will be able to tell by the faces of the Hardley Driveable riding tax collectors how well it works.

Craig Eller
BMW CCA Everglades Chapter
E36 M3

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