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From digest.v7.n988 Wed Jan 21 00:43:28 1998
From: "Jacob J. Steijn" <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 22:24:46 -0500

I don't trust RODD, and I must suggest that you not do business with him.

Early in my Bimwad-dom I did buy some parts from him, and I found that for BMW OE parts he has good prices but doesn't know much about what he is selling - sent me a set of the aluminum cast engine mounts instead of the rubber motor mounts that I wanted. Also was unable to figure out what the part I wanted was when I asked for the rear pittman arm for my E28 M5. I could have gone to the dealer and gotten part numbers, but this really isn't that hard - Steve D'Gerolamo had no trouble. Returned parts to RODD with no trouble, credit to my plastic etc no hassles.

Trouble is, RODD makes hyped claims about things where they are hard to verify. Like his "EUROSPEC," "PRESSURE-CAST" OEM wheels. Or his "FINAL BLOWOUT ON E28 FACTORY ALARMS" (how long has that been on his web page?). Or the time he tried to con us into buying out his stock of "factory" body parts for older Bimmers - was obviously hoping that someone who had money but not inside knowledge of the body-shop biz would buy this load of scrap from him for half a mil(lion $$$).

Then there's the constant spamming the Digest. He knows the policy, $0.10 per member for ads on the digest. He knows we all know he knows (hows that one!) because he used to be a sponsor - he read and signed that he had read the rules. Unfortunately he knows that nobody is in a position to enforce the rules, so he cheats. Other sponsors (like Ireland Engineering) don't cheat. Other parts dealers, like Michel Potheau (Circle Tire - we don't sell tires) and Steve D'Gerolamo (The Ultimate Garage), and Phil Marx (Bavarian Motor in Charlottsville VA) don't pitch snake oil, provide excellent assistance and knowledge to the Digest, and deserve your business much more than (CENSORED).

Seems to me that a guy who openly breaks the rules when he knows he will get away with it, who shades the truth as much as he can get away with it, and who doesn't pay his share because he knows he can get by that way, is not one to do business with.

Oh, and his ETM for $30 is a photocopy. I'll bet he didn't purchase the rights from BMW.

But then again, I might be a maroon baboon <insert burp here> Jacob J. Steijn, Delaware Valley Chapter. BMW CCA 135150 '88 M5 daily driver
Wilmington, Delaware

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