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From digest.v6.n666 Thu May 15 16:30:51 1997
From: Peter Marchetti <>
Date: Sat, 03 May 1997 11:19:54 -0400
Subject: High Milage Survey

Here it is folks, the long promised, long awaited, once lost and twice barbeque-ed High Milage Survey Results!!! With no further ado...let s see the results!!!

Al Sutlick's Bimmers:
'85 325e - had a bit over 231,000 miles when sold, and still passed Cal state emmissions...
'79 635CSi Euro ('88 535i engine) 141,686

'84 528e                            124k, give or take a few.
'91 325i (son's)                    85,031

Andre Grandi's Bimmer:
83 633csi with 366kmile on clock, original motor blew head gasket at 342kmiles

Ben Greisler's Bimmer:
1985 318i with just about 199K on it

Bryce Jonasson's Bimmer:
69 2800CS has 219,577 miles on it

cYBeRt's Bimmer:
1989 BMW 525i E34 milage= 103k+ km

bmrfamly's (Dan, Marilyn, Phil Patzer) Bimmers:

72 2002 tii touring       376,434 miles
76 530i                   362,323 miles
85 732i                   371,071 miles
85 735i                   201,112 miles
67 1800                   623,322 kilometers (386,459 miles)

John Rains' Bimmer:
84 318i with 147k miles

David N Douglass' Bimmer:
84 533i 254,000

Don Mies' Bimmer:
635CSi has 217K on it with the original drivetrain

Ephraim Fithian's Bimmer:
92 E36 325i 5-speed 82k, 97 E39 528i 5-speed 16k. Previous 78 530i 4-speed 192k, 84 318i 5-speed 18k, 85 535i 5-speed 117k, 95 530i 5-speed 24k.

Steve Castro-Miller's Bimmer:
88 735i 145K miles

James E Ryan's Bimmer:
1974 2002tii with 212,xxx K miles (still running strong).

John H. Stein's Bimmers:
83 533 225000 miles
85 735 124k miles
85 745 187000 miles

Kevin McClure's Bimmer:
1984 633 has 193,500

Loren Luke's Bimmers:
1985 325e 208,000 miles
1990 M3, Arrest-Me-Red --> 70,000 Miles

Mike Gorden's Bimmer:
87 L6 has 214k miles

Olav Berthold's Bimmers:
1980 E12 M535i: 327 000 km = 204 000 mls 1981 E12 525: 295 000 km = 184 000 mls

HPCoke's Bimmer:
'84 318i 300k+ mi. (no engine work!!)

Jeff's Bimmer:
1986 325 with 189,000

Ron Milliet's Bimmer:
1987 325is 149,876 wonderful miles ...

rramirez's Bimmers:
85 535i with 262,000 miles until Jan 1 when it was struck by a red light runner.
89 M3 only has 125,000 miles so 137,000 miles to go

Yurko Joseph's Bimmer:
'76 2002A 230,000 mi.

As you see, lots o' big numbers...I was impressed...for the math impaired, the highest number was from a 1967 1800 with 623,322 kilometers (386,459 miles) belonging to Phil Patzer. Nearly 400,000 miles. To get an idea of that distance, that's nearly to the moon and back. That's a LOOONG way. There are numerous cars above 100,000, and not a few above 200,000. Plus, the number above 300,000 isn't as low as one might think.

Anyway...that ends that exercise in mindless information gathering...stay tuned...I'll think of something else...

Peter Marchetti
1984 318i 199,977 miles....
BMW CCA # 0140306

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