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From digest.v7.n288 Wed Sep 17 08:58:16 1997
From: Pat Donahue <>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 21:31:02 -0400
Subject: Re: Oil on driveway

> My son has been working on his Camaro (bad genes) and, last night,
> after about a weeks work poured new oil in the crankcase and guess
> what - the drain plug was not tight. In addition to the new oil there are a
> number of spots from old oil also.
> TIA for any suggestions on how to restore a new or nearly new
> appearance to my 3 year old cement driveway.

Credit this to "Popular Mechanics"...
If oil has been freshly spilled onto a concrete surface, blot up as much as you can, then cover the spot with one of the following: Powdered calcium carbonate, hydrated lime, talc, or fuller's earth. Portland cement also can be used. Let the powder stand 24 hours and then scrape it off. If oil has penetrated the concrete, scrape off the surface with a putty knife, then cover the stain with a stiff poultice made from one of the powdered substances above in a solution of one part trisodium phosphate and six parts water. Leave on 24 hours, then scrape it off. Scrub the surface with clean water. Grease is easier than oil to remove. If scraping and scrubbing don't work, make a poultice from benzene, naphtha (sic) or trichloro-ethane and an inert powder. Let it stand 24 hours, then scrape the surface clean. <<

Let me know if you try this and it works, I need to get my garage clean enough to paint the floor and have been hemming and hawwing for a while.

  • -- Pat Donahue Vienna, VA '91 M5 4GTFUL '72 MGB 8LYFGR&
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