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From digest.v6.n740 Fri Jun 6 04:40:03 1997
From: Pat Donahue <>
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 1997 21:29:40 -0400
Subject: Re: <all> Speeding. CB Radio Useful? Which model?

>      ..., but I've also heard some good things about 
> listening to a CB radio. I guess the truckers broadcast locations of > speedtraps which may give you even better advanced warning than the > V1. Has anyone used a CB in their bimmer and if so, what > type/make/model? I think that there are some pretty decent portable > CB radios out there nowadays. Anyone want to post their experience?

Alright, why're all you guys looking at _me_? I've been trying to get the DC M-car folks to get some CBs for those weekend drives -- kinda nice to be able to chatter for free with everybody else as you cruise. I've used a couple of different units and have decided that Cobra really knows how to build CB radios and K40 antennas are the best you can get. (IMHO)

My limited experience with handhelds shows them to be, well, limited. Running in a fairly tight pack of cars the handheld couldn't hear or be heard from one end of the line to the other. Maybe there's another brand, but I wouldn't waste the money.

My current CB is a Cobra Hand Held unit that has a permanently mounted connection for power and the antenna. This can be mounted somewhere convenient to the driver (I don't have heated seats but the switch position is still there...) and the hand held unit can be left in the glove box when not in use. All the controls are at your fingertips with this unit.

If you're not using a handheld, you're going to have to use an outside antenna. The K40 magnetic mount will stay put at triple digit speeds (just in case you're driving 55 into a 50+ mph headwind ;^) ) even when you put it onto a piece of a paper towel (Bounty works best for me) to protect your paint. I always clean the spot I'm going to put the antenna and use a paper towel under the magnetic mount (which I tear away to just the size of the mount) so I don't grind any dirt into the paint.

Using this set-up I was able to set my cruise for 80 when I drove from VA to FL last year at Thanksgiving and knew way in advance of most speed traps. Remember, cops rolling on from entrance ramps are still a pain. One favorite trick of the cops is to have a couple of friends on CBs jamming the air waves so you can't get a word in edgewise when you're near a speed trap, though sometimes it's just inconsiderate users with their squelch twisted up to the max. If you and a bunch of CB owning friends want to jabber like that pick an infrequently used channel and stay away from 9, 19, and 23 since those are standard trucking channels (with 9 being used for emergency stuff and usually monitored by the cops).

Whew! Short story: Get a Cobra CB and a K40 antenna.

  • -- Pat Donahue Vienna, VA '91 M5 4GTFUL '72 MGB 8LYFGR&
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