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From digest.v6.n793 Fri Jun 20 14:28:18 1997
From: Jeff Krause <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 10:01:34 -0400
Subject: Phil's comments on Salesmen

PhilBoy, are you gonna catch hell! As another salesman who eats, sleeps and breathes BMWs, it tears me up to see the Yutses (sp?) that are allowed to sell BMWs or any highline car. Phil is right in saying that most dealers that own highline cars also have other dealerships, and THESE are what the BMW store is patterned after. I worked for one of the rare stores where they ONLY sold BMW and Infinity, so they understand customer service. The hard part is finding salespeople who are also CAR people. Most came from other forms of sales, and really think selling cars is like selling anything else. Or worse, they think selling BMWs is like selling Cadillacs. Don't laugh! Usually the only way to move up into a highline store where the income is decent is by having a proven track record somewhere else. And then you may have YEARS of bad habits (What can I do to sell you the car TODAY) to unlearn. Few of them understand there is a HUGE amount of information that is required to be effective at this level. Stuff you'd never dream of knowing if you're selling Sevilles. Why learn what type of suspension changes are being made between 325s and M3s when you don't even know what KIND of suspension is on the car you are selling now? Chances are you've never been asked that. Ever.
The tip issue Phil brought up is very interesting. The last time I bought an 88 M3 (last week? maybe week before:)) when we got into the last round of negotiating, I gave the salesman a $100 bill and explained to him if he saves me more than that it's his. Now the salesman and I were on the SAME team, not opposing ones. He gladly got me another $500 knocked off. If the dealership had found out they'd very likely consider firing the guy, so you HAVE to be considerate of the position you are putting the salesman in. But he will greatly appreciate you considering his point of view. Remember, for every $100 he saves you, $20.00 of that is coming out of HIS pocket. (20% of gross profit is pretty standard) So his motivation to cut his own throat is not very high, especially on a short deal. If you've found a good salesperson, treat them well. They can make your life SO much easier over the long haul. And they'll gladly do it if treated like you want to be treated. If you haven't found one, keep looking til you do. Then HANG on to them. Make sure to stay in touch, buy everything through him including shirts and stuff as many places pay commission on parts too, plus it doesn't cost you any more. Send good referrals. Etc, etc. I keep saying salesMAN, but I'm sure there are good saleswomen out there too. No harm intended! This has gotten long, sorry about that. But I sure feel better! Thanks for the BW. I may be emailed privately for addl comments. Let's get back to R1 VS A032s or something!

  • -- Jeff Krause 317.535.0250 Whiteland IN The Driver's Edge
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