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From: Louis Goldsman <>Date: Sun, 02 Jun 1996 00:07:10 -0700Subject: BMW Type Codes To John Owen -I haven't seen a response to your May 28 query so if you haven't received a reply toyour query on the BMW Digest - BMW uses various type designations and codes for theirengines and models The following are some that have been used.Engine type codes: Basic engine families
M10 4 cylinder (1600-2000cc)
M20 6 cylinder (small: 2000-2700cc)
M30 6 cylinder (large: 2800-3500cc)
Other engine designations
M21 Diesel (524td)
M40 4 cylinder (4 valve)
M50 6 cylinder (small - 4 valve)
M60 M20 motor (2000-2300) w/carburetors
M70 12 cylinder
M88 M1 24 valve DOHC (3 versions)
M88/1 M1 Group 4 Racing (470hp)
M88/3 M1 "street" version and early M6 (277hp)
M102 745i Turbo
S14 M3 (E30 - see below) 4 cylinder 16 valve
S38 Update of M88/3 used in M5 and M6
M62 V-8 4.4L

Model Development Codes

        Type 114        1602-2002 Tii
        Type 118        1500-1800 Ti
        Type 121        2000-2000 Tii
        E3      2500 3.3Li Sedan
        E6      1600-2002 Tii Touring
        E9      2500-3.0 CSi/L Coupes
        E10     2002 Turbo 1974?
        E12     5 series from 1972 (4 cylinder)
        E12/5   5 series with small 6 cylinder 
        E12/6   5 series with large 6 cylinder -1981
        E21     3 series from 1975-1983
        E21/5   3 series with small 6 cylinder 
        E23     7 series from 1977-1987
        E24     6 series coupes (628-635CSi/M6) 1977-1989?
        E26     Motorsports M1 with M88 motor 1979-1980??
        E28     Second version 5 series from 1981-1998
        E30     Second version 3 series from 1982-1991 (1992 325ic)
        E31     8 series coupe from 1990-1997
        E32     Second version 7 series from 1986-1994
        E34     Third version 5 series from 1988-1995
        E36     Third version 3 series from 1991-1998
        E38     Third version 7 series from 1995-
        E39     Fourth version 5 series from 1997- (no 1996 model year)

Most of this information was printed in the June 1992 Roundel: The Magazine of the BMWCar Club of America, Inc. It first appeared in "BMW Down Under", the magazine of the Victoria Chapter of BMW Clubs of Australia. Thanks to the author, Bob Murphy.

Off hand, I don't know the designations for the current 7 series and Z3. (Maybe it's Z3(?) for the later.)

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