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From digest.v6.n598 Tue Apr 29 15:14:18 1997
From: Gunnar Elmgren <>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 18:27:01 -0700
Subject: Re: BMW Mobile Tradition

Gerry O'Connor asks:

> Anyone have a more complete definition of BMW Mobile Tradition?

Mobile Tradition is a subsidiary of BMW AG, right now they are residing in temporary offices in different places in Munich. Later this year, Mobile Tradition will move into their new building, that is beeing constructed next to the BMW Museum in Munich. I had the pleasure to listen to Mobile Tradition's president, Dirch-Henning Strassl, a couple of weeks ago when he talked about what Mobile Tradition is. Mobile Tradition has two major tasks:

  1. To collect, and make available to the public, interesting vehicles

    and other items with connection to BMW (not necessarily BMW's). The BMW Museums in Munich and at the Spartanburg/SC plant are run by Mobile Tradition, but there are collections in other places, too (if you ever get a chance, try and see the race car collection at BMW M GmbH in Garching, Munich).

  2. To make it possible for owners of older BMW vehicles to keep their

    cars and motorcycles in good condition. For that purpose, Mobile Tradition has gathered all spare parts for older models (for the moment up to E21 3-series) from the dealerships and other places, and stock them in a warehouse in Munich. They have also taken up production of NLA items, such as 02 trailing arms, 02 fronts, 00 fenders, E9 coupe floor panels and many other parts, some of them at tremendous cost and effort. These parts can be ordered via any BMW dealership.

The address is: BMW Mobile Tradition

                D-80788 Munchen
                Phone +49-89-123456
                Fax   +49-89-123444

Gunnar Elmgren, Stockholm, Sweden

  • BMW Club Schweden #1436, BMW CCA #141249 ** '71 1600-2 Vollcabrio, '75 2002 tii, '90 M5
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