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From digest.v7.n435 Tue Oct 14 13:01:10 1997
From: (dstevenson)
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 10:03:03 -0400
Subject: M badges (lets make this a one time post)

     Someone was looking for a place to buy M badges and I remembered this 
     previous digest post that I snipped.
     Thanks Scott, sorry for the bad text formatting but somtimes CCMAIL 
     does this on cut and pastes. I hope it dosen't piss off Dr. 
     Don Stevenson
     Don Stevenson
     BMWCCA Boston (1988 325IS)

     > From: Scott Blazey <>
     > Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 09:31:12 -0800 (PST) > Subject: Re:  Fake M 
     > Okay kiddies, you asked for it.
     > Top Ten Reasons To Put a Fake M Badge on Your BMW > 
     > 10.  As a free speech activist, you're making the statement, "I'm an 
     > but I only want BMW fans to know it!? > 
     > 9.  It gives you the edge when it comes down to you and the other 
     guy for
     > the pizza delivery job.
     > 8.  You drove an M-60 tank in the Army and it's just a little 
     nostalgia for
     > you.
     > 7.  You're hoping to get those lower rates since you heard M cars 
     > cheaper to insure.
     > 6.  It really impresses the chicks when you're in the bar and they 
     > "Will the owner of the brown BMW M528e please come to the parking 
     lot. You
     > left your lights on."
     > 5.  You're hoping that just this once, after seeing your M3 side 
     > the grandmother in the Crown Vic at the stop light will decide your 
     > 320 is just too much for her and she won't blow your doors off. > 
     > 4.  If enough people do it, the Blue Book people will add a special 
     > category for fake M-badged BMWs and you'll get more money when you 
     sell it.
     > 3.  You're a member of the Hair Club for Men, your Rolex was made in 
     > Taiwan, you autographed your own Michael Jordan basketball, your 
     kid's the
     > spitting image of the plumber, and you just called in sick from work 
     > spend the day at the casino. Why stop now with your car? > 
     > 2.  You figure the cop is more likely to let you off with a warning 
     if he's
     > laughing.
     > 1.  Whaddaya mean fake! This M318i came like this . . . from the 
     dealer . .
     > . from the factory . . . yeah, that's the ticket. And they only made 
     200. .
     > . uh . . . 85 . . . uh . . . and this is the only one. Yeah, that's 
     > And it's got a special motor with 240, no 321, no . . . a thousand > 
     horsepower. And I never let anyone else drive it, except my wife, 
     > Fairchild . . .
     > - --------
     > Scott Blazey
     > (Feel free to archive this list and enjoy it again and again in the 
     > and years to come whenever this thread pops up again on the Digest, 
     > because, like some venereal diseases, it will return.)
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