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From digest.v7.n859 Thu Jan 1 14:54:39 1998
From: (Richard Beebe)
Date: Thu, 01 Jan 1998 13:24:34 -0500
Subject: re: What gives at BMP <long>

Rick Kearney wrote:

> Is it me or is BMP a sh*tty outfit to deal with?

> At least their customer service was closed. When
> I called the sales number, they answered the phone, ready to take my order.
> When I asked to check on an order I was very impolitely told "too bad, call
> back January 5th."

> Has anyone else had such a poor experience with them?

Rick, since you asked:

About two to three months ago I had an experience with BMP that was so ridiculous, I will never order from them again.

I had just bought a 325is, which was in Indiana, and I was due to pick it up and drive it home to Maryland. Amongst other things in my order, I purchased a set of 5.25" sealed beam headlight covers. Having busted a Hella on my M3 on the same trip a few months earlier, I wanted the extra protection.

Anyway, the order is placed and it arrives. The covers are made by the same company, but are shaped differently (oval face instead of flat). When I try to put them on they don't fit. So I take one off my M3 and put it on and it fits perfectly. The diameter of the cover is different, the new ones are too small. Both covers are listed as 5.25" diameter in everyone's catalog, including BMP's.

So I call BMP to explain the covers don't fit. Well, no one answers the customer service line and a message asked for my number. I leave my name and number and never get my call returned. The next day, after remembering my call was not returned, I try again, no answer. So I call the order number and explain the problem, I'm told I have the wrong lights in my car! Well, at this point, I'm back from Indiana (I ordered at the last minute, the original order did arrive in time) and tell the gentleman that Rick Vaughn, who did the pre-purchase, swapped out a broken light from a unit sitting on his shelf and it must have been the right and original light. He says 'send it back and I'll look into it'. Fine.

A few days plus shipping time pass and I don't hear sh*t! I call the customer service number and get no answer, imagine that! So I call the order number and get transferred to customer service. I explain to the woman on the line that I am following up on a return/exchange. We go back and forth and finally she tells me she has no record of my return! I am getting a little frustrated at this point. So I explain how this has been going on for weeks and how I can never get through on the customer service line and I simply want a refund or exchange. At this point, I'm sure I'm raising my voice. She starts telling me that she can't believe no one picks up the customer service phone, like I'm doing something wrong. I forget exactly what I said next, but she hangs up on me! Now, let me clarify, I did not use any profanity or disrespect this woman in any way.

At this point, I'm speechless! I call right back to the order line and finally get the guy who took the covers back in the first place. I tell him that the customer service person has just hung up on me and I would like some answers. He says that she said, 'he was yelling at me and I don't have to listen to that'. Let me honestly say, yes I did raise my voice but I wasn't even close to yelling, but I was getting very close now! We went back and forth for a short while with everything ending that they would credit my credit card for the part.

I told this gentleman that I had been a good customer (10 BMWs in 6 years, 5 at the time of this incident) and I understood that incorrect parts are shipped on occasion. But I could not accept being told 'I had the wrong headlights in my car', a customer service line that is never answered or to be hung up on by their customer service department. I informed him I would never buy from BMP again, which I haven't. Everyone has the parts, it's all about service.

I buy almost all my parts from Turner Motorsport and DTM Motorsport now and get fantastic service. Combine that with the fact that BMP prices are starting to rival BavAuto's prices, and Turner and DTM become even better options!

Sorry for the long, drawn out rant, but Rick did ask...

Rich Beebe
NEVER to buy from BMP again!
BTW, I don't work for or benefit from either Turner or DTM.

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