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From digest.v4.n832 Fri Jul 12 06:28:29 1996
From: "Brandt Leibe" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 23:41:14 -0500
Subject: All Data Shop Manual

Last month I purchased the All Data CD-ROM shop manual and technical service bulletins for my 1991 model 535i.

All Data supplied two CD-ROM disks and a key for use on the parallel port. The key was specific for my model vehicle. This package cost approximately $50. The CD-ROM program works in Windows.

I have been disappointed with the usefulness of this package from All Data. The program does not have a search function nor a cross reference function. The illustrations and graphics are of only fair quality as they appear to be scanned from less than clear documents.

On a scale of 1 to 10 here is how I rate the various types of manuals I have used: Bentley manuals score an 8 to 9, the Haynes manuals are about a 6, the Clinton manuals are a 3, and the All Data CD-ROM is about a 3.

If anyone has any questions concerning this All Data setup, feel free to contact me. While I don't recommend the purchase of the All Data package, I am still left with limited options for a manual for my car. I understand the BMW Microfiche is available for about $30 but I don't have a reader.

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