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From digest.v6.n739 Fri Jun 6 04:10:07 1997
From: Paul Smith <>
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 14:14:01 -0500
Subject: Re: CBs in BMWs to avoid tickets - case history

I have had 4 BMWs. Every one has had a CB in it (except the current one

  • - haven't had the time yet). I would rather have a CB than radar detector if I only had one choice for Highway use. Both are great. I can say, truthfully, on the open highways, I have avoided more tickets because of the CB that the detector. If not, it is pretty even. Truckers do not broadcast all police. They will warn of traps and highly congested police areas. (These are the areas that it is hard to get out of a ticket because they are there for that reason.) Truckers tend to let the roamers (police moving like he is off duty) slip by and not mention it if they are the only truck around. (Especially if there is no radar on when they pass).

Truckers can be an extension of your eyes. Your personal vision of the road ahead and behind are most important. The radar will alert you that you (or someone close) are being zapped.

I have a Uniden unit that has all the controls in the handset. Just plug it into the cord leading to the base unit (out of site) and there is no visible sign of a CB in the BMW. I usually have the base unit under the driver seat. This is not going to work in the E36. I am going to mount it in the trunk so that it can not be seen by police if I am pulled over. The antenna is a cellular look alike. I have a hand held phone, so the police really don't notice the difference.

You will hear, "Why do you have a CB in a BMW, especially with the BMW dealers?" My answer is always, how many tickets have you gotten in the last 2 years? They then understand.

I will still say that the book "A Speeders Guide To Avoiding Tickets" is a must read. This is your final chance to avoid the ticket if you manage to get pulled over.
I have no affiliation with the book. I have read it a couple times though. Last time I read it was before I went to court for a ticket. Cop didn't show up ;-()

A CB / radar detector / laser detector can not help fully if the driver is not paying attention. I don't know how many times I have pointed out police for a driver when I am the passenger. I always think - aren't they looking. It gets to be habit. A good habit!

Paul Smith
'94 325i/4 with remote detector, soon remote CB and a spotless record, at least in the last 4 years
I have been pulled over at least 5 times in that 4 yr. period [one was 94 in a 55 zone (VASCAR)- I still say it was about 92, not 94] - it's a good book!

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