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From digest.v6.n841 Thu Jul 3 08:33:07 1997
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 14:14:14 -0700
Subject: TIG Insurance

I maintained TIG auto insurance for a number of years; and, although I only filed a few claims, TIG's service was consistently good. Sometime during this period, TIG re-structured its operations; all claims were then processed in Michigan (in the interest of greater efficiency -- i.e., for the purposes of cutting costs); and, local independent adjusters were assigned responsibility for processing claims.

I had a terrible experience with TIG's service afterwards (fixing damage to a prior Corvette which hydroplaned off the freeway). The independent adjuster was primarily concerned with establishing and/or maintaining his relationship with TIG by keeping their repair costs down -- eg., only giving provisional, piecemeal approval of repairs (requiring the shop to start and stop work while awaiting his further authorization, which significantly delayed the work), attempting to substitute substandard parts (which were eventually replaced with factory parts after they proved unacceptable, and which caused further delays because parts had to be obtained and installed twice), etc. The initial repairs took approximately 4 months (when they should have taken 2) -- and, were only completed after my agent initiated action with a TIG supervisor in Michigan. Some supplemental repairs were required (largely as a result of the initial cost cutting); however, the adjuster denied responsibility; several more months passed during which letters were exchanged and finally threats of legal action; TIG finally had another independent adjuster review the file and authorize the final repairs. Over the course of a year, my car was out of service for 10 months (in the shop) for repairs that should have taken 2 months at most -- apparently the first adjuster should have "totaled" the car, but did not and TIG did all it could to avoid taking responsibility for his mistake.

TIG's insurance premiums were low (very much lower than others); but, they provided service accordingly. You really do get what you pay for.

Lew Becker
97 M3, 95 325is

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