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From digest.v7.n941 Wed Jan 14 02:06:53 1998
From: "Rob Levinson" <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 23:50:17 -0000
Subject: Re: Alladata CD-ROM opinions please... **Rob

Serg Palanov <> wrote:

>Subject: Alladata CD-ROM opinions please...
>I just purchased an Alldata CD-ROM for my car. I registered my car (1988
>535is) and started looking around for info on repairs and such on the
>CD-ROM. Teh tutorial showed all kinds of diagrams and repair procedures
>(for a Buick) but when I went to look for stuff for my car, I was VERY
>Hardly any info, only thing under tuneup was a diagram where to reset
>the service lights! That's weak!
>Hardly any diagrams and nothing about basic tuneup or regular service
>work. There were some handy service bulletins, but not enought to
>warrant the $29.95 I spent on this dang thing.
>Any one have any similiar experioences. I think I will return it and
>stick with my Bentley manual!

Alldata is the *worst*. A friend of mine (who owns a tire and repair shop) purchased the entire system a few months back and I've had the opportunity to play with it (and listen to his more in-depth complaints).

Basically, the entire system is a big joke. Lots of useless information, lots of *ADVERTISEMENTS*, a fair amount of just plain *wrong* information too. Many of the "technical bulletins" describe a problem and then tell you what "special tool" to buy... and then it provides an order form! Pretty ballsy, if you ask me. A really annoying advertising system masquerading as a professional's tool. And it has that "My First Web Page" look to it... quite amateurish.

My friend also has the Mitchell "On Demand" system, an older system that gets updated with new CD-ROMs. I don't know if this is available to the public like Alldata, but he prefers the On Demand... the information is very complete, and it has legitimate wiring and parts diagrams for all the cars it lists (basically every car). It is truly a professional reference tool.

...basic disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of the comapnies named above, nor do I know where to purchase "On Demand".

  • - Rob Levinson '85 535i Turbo (aided occassionally by "On Demand")
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