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From digest.v6.n157 Sun Feb 2 15:13:21 1997
Date: Sun, 02 Feb 1997 09:02:29 -0600
Subject: How to get the cigarette smell out of a car


Y'all are going to think I'm nuts, but I'm going to say this anyway. One of the guys I work with used to sell used cars, and he related this to me.

Bannana peels and Fritos corn chips. Insane, I know, but he swore that in the stinkiest car, if you left bananna peels (sans bannanas) in the rear seat along with some fritos in a pie pan, the smell would go away in a week. At the time, I didn't think to ask him if he believed in voodoo or psychic predictions, as well.

Definitely FWIW.

I do, however, know from experience that the first car I owned was pre-owned by a HEAVY smoker. I removed all of the cloth upholstery from the seats and laundered it in woolite and cold water, then stretched it back while it was still moist. Worked like a charm, but back then, I was able to spend 12 hours a day doing crap like this. In the recent past, I got the smell out of my Mercedes by parking it in the Texas sun (with a towel over the dash and 3M vinyl protectant on all the vinyl surfaces) and cracking the windows and sunroof 1/2" each. Over the span of a week, the odor boiled out and went away.

Good luck!

Scott Ferguson

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