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From digest.v7.n565 Mon Nov 10 15:01:05 1997
From: "Ron Browne" <>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 09:50:58 -0500
Subject: <misc>Lighted Shift Knob

It was written:

I've seen the lighted shift knob listed in the BMW accessory catalog. Does anyone out there have one, or can you describe it? What is lighted? What do you wire it up to? It sounds like a cool toy, but I'd like to know more.

Bill Isaacson


Indeed it is a cool toy. The shift pattern (which has an //M logo in the middle) is lighted..very neat. They used to make two kinds..the other kind had the shift pattern without the logo, which I would have preferred, since I dont have an M car, but oh well. I purchased mine from a local dealer who matches verifiable mail-order prices. BMW of Fairfax for $119.00 Someone told me that Bekkers sells them for $109.00. It comes with a wiring harness that wires directly into your dashboard mounted dimmer switch. I cut the plug off of the end of my shift knob, and used scotch-loc connectors to tap into the power-window switch wires. Voila. Lighted shift knob, that also dims with the rest of the lights. The light actually matches the redness of your hazard light switch, not the orange of your power-window switches.

Ron Browne
1992 318is
Bowie, MD

PS..Another nice E36 upgrade is the factory European rear headrests. Mike Gayle actually was the first digester I knew that had these. Cost is $299 from Bekkers, and installation is fairly easy. Takes about 30-45 minutes. Mounts are already in the rear-decklid, you just have to drill through the carpeted portion to get to the holes.

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