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Date: Wed, 03 Mar 1999 13:58:45 -0500
From: Skip Bogard <>
Subject: [E36M3] Seats: BMW dyes & leather, Leather-Master dye

If the dealer can re-dye, that might be a very good thing to do. I bought my M3 as someone's lease ended, and the lessee f_ked up the center console with a big ass cell phone holder. The dealer patched it, correct texture/tint and all before my delivery. On the day I bought it, a light/magnifying glass couldn't help me find it! I was totally impressed. Three years later, you still can't tell it was patched. Point is, the BMW dye might well be worth it..

Did you know BMW sells original leather by the yard as well? They do!

Or, call Leather-Master and ask them for a custom Sunsafe tint. Tell them it is a BMW M3 and that many people have asked for this "light grey" color...they should know what it is. Someone once sent them a leather swatch cut off the rear seat (underneath) and they made up batches for Duane Collie, me, and a bunch of others.

It's $45 for three bottles and an application kit:

  1. 140 ml Sunsafe Cleaner
  2. 140 ml Sunsafe Lotion (with custom grey tint) **
  3. 140 ml Sunsafe Cream

sponge, cloths, rubber glove, instructions included

  • must dry overnight!

My Invoice number was 3466 on 7/7/98 if that helps, but I think there is an older lady there who'll remember this.

Their phone numbers last I looked were 800-300-2359 or 336-854-5921. They are in Greensboro, NC...right near the heart of the U.S. furniture manufacturing market in Highpoint.

  • - Skip

Sanniola Brian-CPD229 wrote:

> I have light grey leather and the drivers seat is starting to have a blueish
> tint in the lower
> back area of the seatback. Any others have seen this? I was trying Zymol
> leather cleaner,
> but it didn't really do much. The stealer said it was the dyes in my jeans
> that transfer onto the leather.
> They can re-dye the leather, but I think that might be too drastic, and
> probably expensive.

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