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Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 08:55:11 -0600
From: "Robert Exconde" <>
Subject: Radar Detectors v. Chevrolet Trailblazer

Hi All,

Some interesting news... I recently emailed Mike Valentine regarding a problem I was having with my V1. Some of you may want to try this!!!

PS This is not another rise of a Radar Detector Fight, but I believe it should effect all RDs!

Original Letter Enclosed

> To: Mike Valentine
> Subject: RE: V1 and the TEST
> Mike,
> Hello, I've recently noticed something quite interesting and
> bothersome at
> the same time. . .
> I have my V1 mounted in my M3 under the mirror (Something I
> recommend to
> anyone who has an ///M of any sort :) )
> When I follow a Trailblazer truck in Stop and Go Traffic
> (Chicago) the Laser
> detection goes off. This happens in different areas. I'm
> trying to isolate
> the situational factors. Here is the situation I am in:
> Trailblazer is in front moving slowly, hits his brakes.
> When I get a certain distance from the Trailblazer the front
> laser detection
> goes off.
> Never fails that the majority of the time the V1 detects a
> Laser Source, a
> Trailblazer is in front of me in stop and go traffic.
> I'm just curious if you have had anyone complain of something similar.
> Off to go chase Trailblazers!
> Robert
> PS, If I remember I'll try to capture this incident on video
> tape some time.

Mike's Response:

Hi Robert,

I have heard of this just recently. The Trailblazer probably has a neon-powered Center High Mounted Stop Lamp (CHMSL). For sure, the BMW E46 (newest body style 3-series) cabriolet has one of these neon CHMSL's on the upper rear of the trunk lid. If I follow them in traffic, the V1 always goes off for laser when they step on the brakes, sometimes from impressive distances ;(

I don't think there is an easy fix since the neon infrared energy has a really fast rise time, just like a laser pulse. The pulse repetition rate is within the expected range for real laser guns, making a real monster of a software project: Try to get rid of the neon without getting rid of laser guns, even occasionally. Not simple or reassuring.


Mike Valentine

Also a problem with the Oracle sign in Redwood Shores, most Pizza shop OPEN signs, and a wide variety of red neon.


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