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Subject: <All> Lets fasten down the floor Mats

As everyone knows, the BMW carpet and rubber mats come with provisions to fasten them to the floor. This keeps them in place. Purchase the (rubber like) mats advertised in every car magazine and you will soon find out why BMW does it this way. The following list is from the BMWNA 10/97 retail price book.

   Screw-Type Mat Fasteners - E36-----------------------82 11 1 466 958 $4.25
   T-Type Mat Fasteners - E31,E32,E34-------------------82 11 1 466 956 $4.25
   Screw-Type Mat Fasteners - E30,E28,E24,E23-----------82 11 1 466 957 $4.25

   Mat retainers - E31,E32,E34,E30,E28,E24,E23 
   use with "956 or "957" fasteners---------------------82 11 1 468 289 $4.25

   Floor Mat Lock - E39 - Anthracite--------------------82 59 9 402 196 $1.25
   Floor Mat Lock - E39 - Grey--------------------------51 47 8 183 027 $1.25
   Floor mat Lock - E39 - Sand Beige--------------------51 47 8 183 029 $1.25
   Floor Mat Lock - E39 - English Green-----------------51 47 8 183 031 $1.25
   Floor Mat Lock - E39 - Marine Blue-------------------51 47 8 183 028 $1.25

Floor Mat Fasteners

The following installation instructions came with the mats for my E36, basically shown as written.

Footmats (all models)

I. Installation for 3 Series E30, E36, 5 Series E28, 6 CS Series E24,

7 Series E23, The footmats and rubber mats are secured by means of fasteners which are screwed into the floor panelling.

  1. Place footmats in the foot areas in required position. Caution: Ensure that the accelerator pedal is not obstructed.
  2. The openings in the footmats indicate the position of the fasteners to be secured.
  3. Pierce the floor panelling with a pointed object and screw in the fasteners to the end of the thread.
  4. Install footmats, turn fasteners 90 degrees to stop.
  5. Caution: Once installed, the fasteners should not be removed, as this may damage the floor panelling.

II. Installation for 5 Series E34, 7 Series E32, E38, 8 Series E31

  1. Remove plugs from the fixture points in the floor panelling.
  2. Place footmats in the foot areas so that the fasteners fit into the fixture points. Ensure that with rubber mats the washers for the fasteners are placed above the mats.
  3. Turn fasteners 90 degrees, to stop. FLY BMW

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